How To Decorate A Blank Wall

Whether you just moved in, or it is time to redecorate, decorating a blank space can be very overwhelming. Don’t be afraid! Take some deep breaths and get organized!

Determining your style  

Whether you’re boho chic or have a minimalistic feel, artwork and personal style can be linked together to better express you. These days, people are getting creative with their wall art, some take great lengths to express themselves.  

The first trick is to stick to a color palette; then from there, you will be able to narrow down your search for things that fall into that category.  

Once you figure out color, now you must decide on a theme for your environment. If you go for more of an eclectic vibe, then maybe you would have succulents wall mounts included in your gallery wall. If that isn’t your style, and you tend to go more for the girly things, then maybe have a series of pink and gold-framed pictures.  

Doing research could help you if you’re stuck. Researching popular trends that fall into your interests will provide you with examples of what other people have done to give you a better picture of what your style would be.  

Once you determine a color scheme and a style for your space, you should be ready to decorate!  


Placement is everything when decorating a space. Having your pictures and wall mounts all level and organized will make your guests feel visibly satisfied. If you decide on doing a gallery wall, pick pieces that will flow nicely together and keep them at an odd number – just a little interior design trick.  

Once you have everything you plan to use to spruce up your blank wall, you should first arrange everything on the floor to make sure you are happy with placement and style. After that, you should level and mark on the wall to show where the nails will go for your pieces. Then comes the more natural part, either hammer in the nails or use a drill on the exact place that you marked. When you’ve completed drilling and hanging, you should now be looking at all your new, stylish decorations that are on the wall.