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Simple Self-Care Tips for 2021

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Last year was a test for mental health for sure! It taught us the value of regular self-care for our mental health. According to a survey by the Samueli Integrative Health Program, “80% of participants intended to be more mindful about regular self-care practices after the pandemic”. But sadly 46% of them reported struggling to find ways to maintain their physical, mental and spiritual health. If you find yourself struggling to maintain a healthy routine, you can fall back on some of these simple self-care tips…

Unplugging From Devices

Modern technology offers us many wonderful conveniences day-to-day, but not a lot of help with down time. For most, just some extended peace and quiet for simple pleasures, like reading a book or taking a nap, is enough to reset. But none of those things can really be enjoyed with your phone, watch or computer continually buzzing you. So try putting some distance between you and your devices. Turn things off or even take your you time outside. Either way, a break from each other lets you both recharge.

Upgrading Your Home Spa

Face masks and bubble baths are an oldie but goodie! However, they may be getting old after many months at home recently. So why not revamp your homemade spa experiences with more pampering? Try utilizing a diffuser to take in the combination of steam and your favorite essential oil while your bath water runs. For men, this would be a great time to give yourself a straight razor shave. And don’t skimp on the simple little things after your bath. Take some time to moisturize well from head to toe with your favorite body lotion (sunless tan anyone?). Then, wind down in bed wearing your softest comfy clothes—maybe even squeeze in a manicure!

Moving Your Body

Outside of physical benefits, many simple activities also reinforce mental health and can easily be achieved, especially with apartment living amenities. Whether it’s a run through the neighborhood,  play-date with your pup, living room pilates or a simple closet clean-out, anything that involves movement helps your body produce endorphins. These feel-good neurotransmitters of the brain have been linked to easing symptoms of depression, relieving anxiety, and even sharpening memory. A little movement goes a long way!

Building A New Skill

Want to learn another language or how to watercolor? In these times, we can learn almost anything for free and from home, thanks to modern apps and online resources. Experiment with poetry or journaling—a nice way to express yourself and exercise your mind. If you’re more into information than arts, you could finally subscribe to that podcast you’ve been eyeing. Just remember to stay engaged and avoid any multitasking.

Connecting With People

We always say “we need to talk more”. Well, self-care is your way make this happen! When you are distant from your tribe, you miss these relationships more than you realize. It’s because humans are inherently social and we need to stay connected. It’s simply good for the soul. Make “just because” calls with friends and family for some good lols, catch up and personal feel-good moments. If you’re tired of your electronics and you live in an apartment community, you literally have company right next door. Invest in your neighbors and you’ll never go without self-care for long!

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We believe self-care is essential to a healthy lifestyle and a happy home. The tight-knit neighborhood, modern apartment homes, and resort-style amenities at Portofino make it easy to build self-care into your daily life.

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Tips & Tricks to Prep Your Kitchen for the Holidays

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The holidays are just around the corner and that means your kitchen will soon be working overtime! Fortunately, a little pre-cleaning now can go a long way for later. With these simple tidying tips and tricks, you can give your kitchen a full refresh before the holiday hustle begins.

Organize the Pantry

If you’re constantly playing hide-n-seek with items in your pantry or buying them multiple times unknowingly, it’s time to organize! This four-step guide by Elva Fonseca is everything you need. With Elva’s guidance, you’ll finally find that can of cranberry sauce you knew you had AND an easy way to hassle-free holidays. Luckily the floorplans at Portofino have spacious, walk-in pantries that make the reorganizing process that much simpler! 

Organize the Spice Rack

For most people, the holidays mean lots of cooking, and lots of cooking means your spice cabinet will get a workout! But when your seasonings are fully stocked, clearly distinguishable and neatly organized, your holiday menu stays manageable and merry. Avoid spilling the salt or anything else in your spice cabinet this season and check out these 10 smart ways to store your spices by Brittney Morgan. 

Organize the Pots & Pans

As a kitchen essential, we need them but pots and pans are always causing problems in the kitchen. They are bulky to store, trouble to pull out, and make the whole room look cluttered unless you give them a little more attention. Check out this guide by Rebecca at Mother’s Little Helpers to get them in check with 7 ways to organize pots and pans in your kitchen cabinets

Clean the Clutter

Those granite countertops aren’t just easy to clean, they’re easy on the eye, too! Show them off by clearing away everything that’s piled up in your kitchen, especially before the holidays add to it. Clear counter space is trending in home decor right now and we’re all for it, for good reasons—style and functionality. Stay on-trend and clear off your countertops with these helpful decluttering tips from Jenn Lifford.

Clean the Kitchen Sink

Cleaning the sink might not sound revolutionary, but if you’ve deep cleaned your sink before you know it’s power. Day-to-day cooking causes build up on your sink surface so it will only get worse when you’re cooking full holiday spreads. For the cleanest sink you’ve ever seen, check out this guide by Elizabeth Voyles and limit those future headaches. Also super helpful is this list of 15 things you shouldn’t put down the garbage disposal by Dan Stout, to keep the magic of your garbage disposal alive during the season it’s needed most. 

Enjoy the Simple Pleasures of Portofino!

Use these simple tips to refresh your kitchen now, before your guests arrive, and your holiday feels will last long after they leave. Portofino is a great place to host fun, friends, and family! Enjoy a charming corridor kitchen with stainless-steel appliances, plenty of counter space, an oversized pantry, and more at Portofino Apartments in Lubbock, Texas.

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Organization Must-Haves: Kitchen

Organizing your kitchen can be a bit intimidating, but we have the perfect solutions for you to organize your kitchen. You may already feel like you are maxed out on your kitchen space. What if we told you there is a way to free up more space? Good news, there is a way, and it’s as simple as stated below.

Vertical Organizers

Instead of storing your frying pans and baking sheets horizontally, flip them on their side and store them vertically. By doing so, you won’t have to go through the hassle of moving through the whole stack to pull out what you are looking for.

You can buy pot and pan vertical organizers to keep from having your kitchen items from falling over or sliding around. It is a great way to make your pans more accessible. Plus, you will be maximizing your cabinet space.

If your pots are too big to store vertically, stack them in order of most used pots at the top and least used towards the bottom.

Add Dividers To All of Your Drawers

People often think you only need drawer dividers for your eating utensils, but this is a misconception. You can buy kitchen dividers that are adjustable and will accommodate larger cooking utensils or oddly shaped utensils.

Tupperware Organizer

How often have you searched for a lid to one of your Tupperware bowls? To stop the hassle of searching for a lid that fits, store all your containers and lids in a Tupperware organizer. This sleek organizer is a game-changer.

Color Code Your Kitchen

Some of you may already color-coordinate your closet, so why not do the same for your Kitchen? Color coding your kitchen will give you the kitchen organization you need. Start by grouping all your foods items in your fridge and pantry.

Magnetic Knife Bar

Go out with the old knife block organizers and in with the new magnetic knife bar. Magnetic knife bars will clear up your counter space and look better in your kitchen. They are less than twenty dollars on Amazon and are a perfect organization must-have.

Regain Sink Space

Get rid of the wet sponges and drying towels off your countertop by getting an organizer to hang on the side of your cabinets. If you don’t want them showing outside your cabinets, you could also get a hanging rack to place inside of your cabinets or under your sink.

Minimalism 101

Describing someone as being a minimalist does not mean that they live in a tiny house, or only use a bike for transportation, being a minimalist can mean many different things to different people. Minimalism can be a fearful thing for some, and a sense of freedom for another. It is all about finding that balance on what makes you feel less stressed or overwhelmed. Let’s try to find common ground for a healthy version of this lifestyle.

Finding out what frees you

Minimalism can be a suitable lifestyle for many reasons, the main one being that it is freeing. There is something special about finding what frees you; whether that is downsizing your closet clutter or trying to minimize your carbon footprint. Don’t get me wrong, owning personal possessions is not a bad thing, sometimes people may need certain things that others do not, however, it makes any person feel freer getting rid of things that they may not need anymore. Freeing yourself from your possessions could make more time for your health, exercise, proper food intake or just making more time for yourself.  

Putting minimalism into practice  

Once you have made the choice of channeling your focus more on life itself rather than the things that you own, you will start seeing a change within yourself – and a good change at that. Everyone wants to be a happier version of themselves, and there are always things that can be done to better our emotional selves. This step is where you decide what is essential and what is not, so you can make more room for traveling with friends or enjoying nature.  

Once you’re ready, minimalism can help you:

  • Bring out your creative side  
  • Take back your time.
  • Live in the moment.  
  • Grow more as a person

A little goes a long way, literally

If you have been pondering about making some of these changes for a while, or this advice is new to you, you should know that this lifestyle change cannot happen overnight. Do not exhaust yourself by trying to make large steps of changing your way of life. Just by taking small steps by doing things that make you feel free, can benefit you in more ways than one. Overall, it is just about putting more of your focus toward life experiences instead of consumption of unnecessary things.

Try to figure out what works well for you and run with it. Take that chance at finding a lifetime of happiness and freedom.

Getting Your Closet Ready For Spring

Spring brings many new things, like rain and green grass, it can even bring a new wardrobe and an organized closet. However, before any of these things can happen, you should go through and filter through your winter sweaters and jackets so you can make room for your warmer clothes that have been in hiding for almost a year.  

Tossing out the excess

Whatever you have not worn in a while or things that you don’t even remember why you bought, need to either be sold or donated. Think of this as a positive thing; someone might like that sweater you bought on sale a few months ago that still have the tags on it. Doing away with at least a few items will be beneficial to you when next season rolls around when you have to do the same thing again.  

Getting rid of the bulk

Fall and winter clothes take up a significant amount of space in your closet, so much so that you can hardly see all the other clothes you have. Storing these bulky items in bins that can store under your bed, or your coat closet will give you much more room for other things. Since Lubbock weather is unpredictable, you probably shouldn’t store away all your jackets and sweaters yet but keeping a select few readily available would be a good idea.  

Parting with your boots, at least for a little while

Another thing that takes up an absurd amount of room in your closet is your winter boots, booties, and your Uggs. It’s about time to put them into hibernation until you need them again next fall. There is a way to store them smartly though. You can start by stuffing your taller boots with newspaper or boot forms to keep them in shape, then laying them down flat in a container. Then the rest can just fit in the open areas.  

Organization is key

Once you have your things stored and put away, you can now organize your clothes into categories. Doing this is helpful when you need an outfit for work, going out with friends or just going to the store; having clothes organized by type will allow you to find what you need quickly and efficiently. If you’re like me, you can even arrange the categories further and separate them by color. That last suggestion is optional; the organization mainly depends on the individual and whatever works best for them.

Spring is a beautiful time, personally my favorite season, and is also a perfect time to make these small adjustments within your closet. Parting ways with a few pieces and storing your bulky items away can make you and your wardrobe much happier.

Getting The Most Space Out Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Keeping your kitchen cabinets organized is not an easy task for most everyone. Putting things back where they belong and being efficient with cabinet space is almost impossible. If this describes you, then these helpful tips on making the most out of your cabinets will give you the confidence in knowing where everything is in your kitchen. So, let’s get organized!  

Step One: Declutter  

You know your kitchen better than anyone, so you know what you use and what you don’t. If you do not see a future need for a certain thing, then the best thing you can do is to part with it. Some of the things that you decide that you don’t need anymore can either be donated or thrown away. I would make rounds to every cabinet and take out everything and sift through it. You will be surprised at the amounts of stuff you do not use!  

Step Two: Space saver tools  

Many things can be added to the inside of your cabinets to provide you with more room on the bottom to store larger items. Durable hooks are not just for hanging wall décor; they can be stuck on the inside of your cabinets to hold your measuring cups and spoons.  

Another thing that can be useful to you is getting a wire rack to store cookie sheets and cooling racks. When these trays on top of each other, it makes it hard to find what you need.  

These days people invent all kinds of different things that people can use to their advantage in the kitchen. There is even now a pan organizer; this helps you find the right size pan you need, without having to remove all the other containers on top to get to it.  

Everyone knows that organizing Tupperware can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t always have to be. Something simple that you can do is purchase a wall mount file holder to place your Tupperware lids in to save you that headache of not being able to find the lid to something.  

Step Three: Labeling and storing  

The last step in the equation for having more organized cabinets is finding jars and containers and labeling them so you can know which item you’ll need for your next cooking project. I would start by getting a few larger jars for things like flour, sugar, brown sugar and powdered sugar, and things like baking soda and baking powder.  

As for storing dishes and cups, you can find wire plate racks and regular wire racks on Amazon. These will help separate your cups from your plates, and that way you wouldn’t have to stack plates or cups on top of each other.

Step Four: Admire your work

Congratulations! You finished your kitchen cabinet transformation! Now the inside of your cabinets will not be an eyesore to look at anymore. After making these small adjustments and tweaks, you and your guests will be able to find the things that were once disguised under a mountain of clutter now with ease.