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Entertaining at Home: Wine + Succulent Party

‘Tis the season for a summer party and what better combination than succulents and wine? Succulents are small in size and are an easy-care plant. Get ready to “wine” down with your friends and show your love for these cute and fun plants by having a memorable wine and succulent party.

Set the Succulent Scene

What’s a party without decorations? You can decorate your apartment with terrariums and other plant arrangements filled with succulents of all different shapes and sizes. If you are planning to have a small group of guests, have the party inside your apartment. If not, you may want to consider finding a spot outside to host. We will be happy to accommodate your wine and succulent party wishes and needs.

Get the Wine Ready

It’s not a party without food or drinks. Get your wine bottles out and enjoy your favorite wines with your friends. Summer wines are a must. Choose light white wines such as Rocks 2014 or California White Wine. Rose, Champagne, or sparkling wine are also great alternatives. To make things more fun, you could even ask your guest to bring their favorite bottle of wine and when each bottle is opened, ask them to share why it’s their favorite.

Creative Potting Station

Add a creative spin to your wine and succulent party with a potting station. All you need is simple terracotta pots, succulent potting mix, decorative sand or gravel, and a selection of succulents for your friends to choose from. You could also add some small seashells or crystals to the mix for your guest to add a cute touch to their pots.

Party Favors

Spruce up your party with these cute favor ideas from Portofino. You can send your friends home with the simplest party favors. Some ideas you could use are teacups, coffee mugs, flower vases, candles, and wine glasses. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or not, a simple party favor is a thoughtful touch that will go a long way.