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2019 Wellness Trends

2019 is the year of making healthy choices, working out and creating a solid skincare routine. The year is still new, and it is not too late to jump in and try out some of the wellness trends that are surfacing this year. Straying from the regular routine is beneficial if that means you are making better steps of improving your health and wellness.  

Making mental health a priority

Today, possibilities are endless, and there is no limit to what you can do to help yourself. Having good mental health is something that you should not push to the side. Take time for yourself, practice your craft, take a yoga class, go out and experience nature, or relax and take it easy. Do not let the stress of your day take over too much thought, make time for you. Maintain relationships and talk to your loved ones, keep them in the loop on everything that is going on, and you should start seeing a change in your overall self.   

Meal prepping

You might have heard about this trend for the last little bit, but it is starting to become big, and you will want to jump on it. Meal prepping is perfect for people living in apartments because it saves you from having to clean up after cooking dinner every night while being time efficient. Sundays are the best time for gathering ingredients and making your favorite meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The internet has many recipes out there that will help you get started on your meal prepping. You can make overnight oats for breakfast and make a spinach salad with chicken for lunch. You will be ecstatic at how much extra time you’ll have during the week if you stick to your Sunday meal prepping schedule.  

Turn your phone off

These days, technology is practically everywhere, you cannot get away from it. However, even just turning off your phone could be a way of destressing from your day. We are on our phones more and more these days, and the time we spend doing that could be spent doing other things. Getting away from a hard day’s work, relationships and just life, in general, can make you breathe easier and focus more on yourself.

Taking care of yourself

Life gets busy, things get hectic, but you cannot neglect to fuel your body and give it what it needs. A well-balanced body comes from a well-balanced life. Getting enough rest and actually setting aside time to eat a balanced breakfast, and maybe even the dreadful task of making your bed in the morning. These things will set you up for success and put you on your way of being a better and healthier you further beyond 2019.