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Embracing A Green Thumb While Living In An Apartment

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t have plants or flowers; you must know how to take care of them while putting them in places that fit their needs. This guide will help you keep your plant friend’s alive, whether you’re low or high maintenance.

How much are you willing to take care of your plants?

How busy are you? Plants usually do not require maximum effort, nor do they take much time to grow. However, if you put in a little love for them, they will grow and make your apartment happy and inviting.  

Succulents, flowers, or both?

First, it is good to do some research on plants to know which are easy and which are difficult to kill. That way if you’re a beginner, you will be able to keep your plants alive while knowing how to care for them. If being a beginner describes you, then you should start with something easy, like a succulent or a type of cactus.  

If you are not a beginner and would like a more challenging gardening project, then I would tackle a miniature rose plant or a moth orchid.

Find a plant that shares your personality and matches the maintenance you are willing to give it.

Choosing the correct pot for your plant

Depending on which plants you choose, finding the right pot for your plant is vital in the health of it. If you want to go the easy route, succulents do not need a container that has holes at the bottom for draining, since these plants tend to prefer holding moisture. If you prefer a plant that produces flowers, a pot that has holes for draining is necessary. If you are worried about the potential mess, then you could make sure you don’t overwater it or put something underneath to keep dirt off the floor.  

You can find most pots or things that could be a substitute for a plant holder at most stores. For any plants that don’t require much water can be potted in practically anything, get creative!

Keeping up with your plants  

After going through all the hard stuff like research and finding the right pot, you always need to remember to water and take care of it properly. That might not be the case for a cactus or succulent, because those only need water about once a month, but for a plant that needs frequent watering, make sure to only water it when it needs it! Observe its habits and if it needs to be in the shade or the sun, act accordingly. Sometimes the plant can grow so large that it overgrows its pot, so if that happens, be sure to move it to a bigger home.

Growing plants in your apartment are no challenge, but by putting in some extra time and commitment, you can get just what you want out of embracing your green thumb.

Once you get into a rhythm, your plants will be sure to thank you by sprouting flowers, growing leaves and becoming too big for its pot.