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12 Days of Holiday Faves Giveaways

Our Holiday Faves Giveaways are such a hit, we’re doing it again this year! We love to give back, especially to friends and followers, and this time of year is perfect for it. We’ve put together another collection of wonderful things to give away. For the next 12 days, engage with us on Facebook, Instagram and Google to win all of our favorite things!


Follow the 12 Days of Holiday Faves Giveaways on our social accounts for multiple chances to win things like gift cards, food, electronics, charitable opportunities, and more. Giveaways will occur daily from December 11th to December 22nd, 2022. Giveaways may have different requirements to enter so be sure to read each new post!

Find Portofino on Google for reviews or follow, like and comment on Portofino Facebook and Instagram pages. Following the accounts and participation on social media is is required to win. Feel free to like, share and tag your friends to spread the holiday cheer! Check out the official rules below…

How to Enter 

On Facebook: Like any 12 Days of Holiday Faves post and comment the requested answer in the comments of each giveaway image. Some posts may also require a Google Review here.

Posts may have varying gifts and participation requests for each entry. Facebook entries are limited to one entry per post made by Portofino. 12 giveaways with 12 coordinating posts will be published by Portofino; each is a new opportunity to enter.* Item colors may vary or comparable item will be substituted if item is not in stock



Official Rules

Official Rules: The 12 Days of Holiday Faves Giveaway is hosted by Portofino of Asken Properties and open to Lubbock residents, both Asken Properties residents and non-residents. No purchase necessary. Any related purchases do not enhance chances of winning. Void where prohibited. Entrants must be 18 years or older. In addition to blogs, Portofino will use Facebook and Instagram to promote this contest. The 12 Days of Holiday Faves Giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook.  

*To enter on Facebook, you must like the Portofino’s 12 Days of Holiday Faves Giveaway post that you desire to win and submit a comment on the photo of the post or leave a google review if requested in the post copy. All entries must be submitted before the next giveaway is announced. New giveaways and winner announcement times and gift receipts may vary depending on the type of gift won and the day of the post in relation to holidays. To enter, submissions must be made on 12 Days of Holiday Faves Giveaway promotional posts, original or following reminder posts, and no other communications such as texts, emails or direct messages will be accepted or counted as valid entries. Winners will be announced 1-2 days after each giveaway has posted, either on the giveaway post or via direct message on Facebook. 
By entering, all entrants give explicit permission for Portofino to use the user-generated content (UGC) submitted. By entering this contest, you grant the publicity rights of your content to Portofino for this contest, therefore giving Portofino permission to repost your comment or content on Facebook or use your image for contest posts made by Portofino and future 12 Days of Holiday Faves Giveaway promotions.