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Moving to a new area as an adult doesn’t have to be a frightening experience. It’s perfectly okay not knowing anyone because everyone must start somewhere, right? Once you’ve moved all your stuff into your apartment and gotten all settled in, it’s time to try to find that new social niche.  

Putting Yourself Out There

Most everyone is comfortable sitting on their couch watching Hulu or Netflix, but in this case, it’s a no-no. This step requires you to get out of that comfort zone and go outside to the familiar and well-known places around town. This way, you will be able to start meeting people and forming connections. You must find the right balance between “you time” and social time; too much “you” time can get lonely, and too much social time can get stressful.

Getting Involved

Getting involved is easy; what are some of your hobbies? Once you narrow it down, you will be able to find activities that match up with your interests. Find a good gym around town, volunteer at a charity you like, join a sports league. Getting involved is an excellent way to quickly be a part of a community, especially if you just moved there.  

Find Local Events  

It seems as if every weekend in West Texas has something that it can offer you. Whether that’s a local band that is playing or the First Friday Art Trail, there is something that would be able to pique your interest. Going to things that interest you will help you find your niche because you will be around like-minded individuals.  

Using Your Resources

Technology can be useful in trying to get more involved in your area while making friends. There are plenty of apps now that can help you either find a date for a Friday night or find out where people your age hang out on the weekends or after work. You can use Facebook once you have a couple of people in your corner to branch out even further.  

There are a ton of people out there that are waiting to meet you. So pause the new Netflix series you started and get out there!