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New To The Neighborhood – 4 Tips For Making New Friends

Moving to a new area as an adult doesn’t have to be a frightening experience. It’s perfectly okay not knowing anyone because everyone must start somewhere, right? Once you’ve moved all your stuff into your apartment and gotten all settled in, it’s time to try to find that new social niche.  

Putting Yourself Out There

Most everyone is comfortable sitting on their couch watching Hulu or Netflix, but in this case, it’s a no-no. This step requires you to get out of that comfort zone and go outside to the familiar and well-known places around town. This way, you will be able to start meeting people and forming connections. You must find the right balance between “you time” and social time; too much “you” time can get lonely, and too much social time can get stressful.

Getting Involved

Getting involved is easy; what are some of your hobbies? Once you narrow it down, you will be able to find activities that match up with your interests. Find a good gym around town, volunteer at a charity you like, join a sports league. Getting involved is an excellent way to quickly be a part of a community, especially if you just moved there.  

Find Local Events  

It seems as if every weekend in West Texas has something that it can offer you. Whether that’s a local band that is playing or the First Friday Art Trail, there is something that would be able to pique your interest. Going to things that interest you will help you find your niche because you will be around like-minded individuals.  

Using Your Resources

Technology can be useful in trying to get more involved in your area while making friends. There are plenty of apps now that can help you either find a date for a Friday night or find out where people your age hang out on the weekends or after work. You can use Facebook once you have a couple of people in your corner to branch out even further.  

There are a ton of people out there that are waiting to meet you. So pause the new Netflix series you started and get out there!

Lubbock Eats (Patio Edition)

It’s hot in Lubbock, but not warm enough to where you can’t sit outside and enjoy a nice dinner around town. Lubbock is known for having great local spots that could host your next girls’ night or a family event; you have to know where to look. These are the best spots here in town that have great outdoor patios.   

Teddy Jack’s Hub City Grill

In Lubbock, people know Teddy Jacks for its tasty eats and drinks. This place is perfect for people that enjoy live music, and they typically have no shortage of local talent come out and play on the weekends. This establishment has multiple TV’s, great for watching big games, picnic style seating, and an outdoor bar. What more could you want?  

The Funky Door

Over on Milwaukee Ave., The Funky Door is a place where people go if they want to enjoy some live music, fondue, and their large outdoor patio. What’s great about this place is that they have one of the best happy hours in town for the quality drinks and food you’re getting. It has a spacious outdoor area with plenty of seating. You can easily indulge in a glass of wine outside with a group of friends.  

Café J

This restaurant is known for being a classy spot to take family or friends. This place even has chicken and waffles for Sunday brunch! Café J’s patio is on the smaller side, but very quaint. This outdoor patio has fans, comfy couches, chairs, and plenty of seating for a smaller group to enjoy drinks outside. Café J’s menu is distinct, and unlike any other place in town, if you want a more upscale dining experience that has an outdoor patio, this is your place.  


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Torchy’s Tacos

Torchy’s, located near Texas Tech’s campus, is the perfect spot for chips and queso and a drink or two. When the weather permits, Torchy’s patio usually fills up quickly due to its high popularity. This place has everything you’ll need, like big TV’s, outside lights and plenty of seating to make sure your next group hangout will be fun for everyone.

6 Natural Fragrances Guaranteed To Make Your Home Fresh

Everyone’s home has a distinct smell; whether that’s because of the laundry detergent you use or the candles you burn. Aroma is critical to think about because the scent is one of the first things people notice when they enter your home or apartment. The more regularly you’re in your home, the more you become “nose-blind” to how your space smells. Many things can contribute to a good or bad smelling area, but with these simple tricks, you should be able to start smelling different and better smells.  

Lemon and Rosemary

If you are looking for a clean smell, this combination would be your go-to. You can make this yourself; and can be done on the fly. All you need is a regular mason jar or something similar to put, water, rosemary, lemons, and vanilla inside.  


Lilac is the perfect scent for summer, and with just a few small ingredients, you could have your apartment smelling the part. The lilac room spray contains water, vodka, and lilac oil. Pretty simple, yet very useful for making any room smell good. If you choose to not make your own, you can buy a lilac room spray here.

Rosemary and Lavender Carpet Powder

If your carpets are dingy and dirty due to high traffic going in and out of your apartment, then you need this all-natural carpet powder. It requires baking soda, dried rosemary, and lavender oil. After you mix everything, you sprinkle it directly on your carpets and let it stay there for 15-20 minutes, then vacuum your carpet like normal.  

DIY Plug-in Refill

If you have bought the nice plug-ins from retail stores, you know they smell amazing but are costly. There is an alternative to the sweet-smelling plug-ins you’ve previously purchased. All you do is fill an empty plug-in with water and whatever essential oil you want and voila!  

Cinnamon-Orange Air Freshener

This air freshener is for the people who aren’t big candle people, and who enjoy fall scents year-round. This air freshener contains cinnamon oil, orange oil, water, and water-absorbing polymers. Wayfair carries a cinnamon-orange room spray if you would rather purchase one.

DIY Reed Diffuser

A reed diffuser will add fragrance to any room, and it isn’t difficult to make. You’ll need a glass container with a small opening at the top big enough to let out the aroma, rattan reeds, almond oil, alcohol and another essential oil of your choosing. Depending on where this reed diffuser lives, is how you choose the extra essential oil. Lemon works best in kitchen or bathroom spaces, while lavender would be fitting in a bedroom. Instead of the DIY route, you can buy a similar one here.

Apartment Safety When Leaving For Vacation

Summer is here, and that means vacations and graduations are in full swing. By this point, I’m sure that you have planned most of your trips, down to the places that you’ll stay, where you will be going and the restaurants you’ll be dining at. These things are important to think about when planning a trip. However, securing your apartment is something that should be on your to-do list as well.  

Check your doors and windows

Checking your doors and windows a couple of weeks before you leave for vacation is essential. Doing this in advance will help you to figure out if all your door and window hinges are working correctly and to be proactive about it if something needs a repair. The farther in advance, the better, that way maintenance would be able to fix anything before you leave. Fixing these issues ensures that your apartment will be safe during the duration of your trip.

Checking your smoke alarms

Nothing is more frustrating than when your smoke alarm beeps to signal low battery, or it beeps while you’re cooking a steak. While on vacation you don’t want to lock up your room with a low battery smoke detector, especially if you live with other roommates or pets. By replacing the batteries in your sensor before you leave will ensure that you don’t bother anyone with the loud noises.  

Pets are important too

If you decide not to board your pets during vacation, then you should make arrangements with a trusted neighbor or friend to keep watch of them while you’re away. Also, you should leave your veterinarians’ contact information with the person that will be taking care of your animals, just in case something was to happen.  

Ask a friend to keep an eye on your place

Asking a trusted friend or neighbor to watch your apartment while you’re away is always a good idea, that way someone can keep an eye out and make sure nothing out of the ordinary is going on while you’re unable. Make sure that the people you’ve trusted have your number along with an emergency contact for you to call in case something were to go wrong.  

These are the few things to do to make sure your apartment is safe as can be. After checking all these boxes, you are well on your way to full R&R mode.