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Apps Every Apartment Renter Needs

Just about anything can be done on our mobile devices these days. Technology is one of the most powerful tools we have, and if you know where to look, you can find just about anything. As an apartment renter, we highly recommend utilizing apps.

Listed below is an outline of the most useful renter apps that will help you with keep budgets and finances organized, find properties, and allow you to apply for new leases.


Nextdoor is a free app for iOS and Android. This social networking app is used only for people in your neighborhood. It allows you to get to know who is living around you, pets that are missing, local events, items listed for sale, and upcoming meetings. Get to know your neighborhood quicker with the Nextdoor app.


Zumper is another excellent app. You can access a snapshot of exactly where you want to live and navigate nearby landmarks. There is an option to filter your exact rental needs such as weather, parks, stores, food, and culture.

When you download the Zumper app, there is a feature on it to submit rental applications without going through the hassle of calling property managers.


Once you have found your rental apartment, Sortly is the app to use for your moving process. The app allows you to create a packing list and inventory to keep you organized. One of the best features on Sortly is you can upload to premium for only $4.99/month and sync your items and documents with your family.


The easiest home security app out today is Canary. This app is a security camera that lets renters stream live video from their apartment remotely. The camera can detect all movement and will notify you via the Canary app.

This app is a must for those who are looking for good security without paying for an expensive alarm system. The best part about Canary is it makes it possible to take your security camera anywhere with you.


Padmapper is another apartment hunting app. It is available on both iOS and Android and is free of cost. You can use this app to make your apartment hunt experience more fun and relevant to you. Beneficial features such as the search filter, favorite properties, and checklist feature will make the apartment process simple.

If you need help finding the right apartment with spacious floor plans, balcony space, a gym, heated pool, and more explore our website or give us a call (806) 793-3434.

Study Tips for College Students

Creating good study habits in college can be a challenge, but we are here to help give you study tips that make your life easier and keep your grades up.

As a college student, you are expected to make school your number one priority. Tests will get harder and make up a more substantial portion of your overall grade in each class, so it is important to set more time aside to study.

If you want to be more successful and not overwhelmed with your workload, keep reading to find what study tips you can do.

Set A Study Schedule

The first and foremost study tip we recommend is making a schedule and sticking to it. Maintaining proper time management skills is key to your success in college. There can be many distractions with your social life, but you must stay grounded and be strict with yourself.

As overwhelming as you may think your schedule is, there is time to study. After you receive your class schedule, set specific times between or after classes for studying.  

Find Your Study Environment

The campus library is the most common study environment for college students, but it may not be the same for you. Find a quiet place you can concentrate at with few distractions. This will allow your brain to know you are there with a purpose and get your work done.

Studies have shown that using noise-canceling headphones can help significantly. If you are someone that enjoys listening to music while studying, find a coffee shop or cafe.

Utilize Campus Tutoring

Almost every campus should offer campus tutoring or study groups. These tools are there to help you succeed and achieve your goals. You can find more information on the campus website or by asking your academic advisor.

If you feel you are getting behind in a class and are struggling with grasping some of the class material, find a tutor who can assist you.

Finding friends in your classes can also help your studying. You can make study groups, study outlines, and help each other through hard times.

Take Breaks

This tip is essential to your mental health. Studies show that our brain is most productive in the first hour of studying. You must remember to study in bursts and don’t cram. When you cram your studying, you are over exerting your brain and just making yourself more fatigue.

If you plan to study for two hours every day, take at least a 30-minute break in-between each hour. You can go outside and get some fresh air, eat a snack, take your dog for a walk, etc.


You may not realize this, but your sleep affects everything you do. Developing good sleeping habits will make you sharper and will decrease your stress levels.

If you are not getting the proper amount of sleep each night, then your brain will become more fatigued, and you will no longer be able to retain information. It is expected to feel overwhelmed in college, but when you get rest, you will see your stress levels go down.

If you need help finding the right apartment to start your day, to study in, or provide a get away from school explore our website or give us a call (806) 793-3434.

Tips for Living with Roommates

Many benefits come with having a roommate. Whether you are still in college or working, you will have a much better living experience at Portofino if you follow these basic tips for living with roommates.

Set Basic Rules

The very first thing you should do when you have a roommate is to establish basic rules. Some things you may want to consider is how you are going to divide up bills, who’s in charge of paying what, guest policies, cleaning policies, and more. Below are some rules you can follow to get started.   

Ask Before You Borrow

In other words, don’t go snooping through your roommate’s closet without permission. Even if your roommate is your best friend, you should always be considerate of their personal belongings and ask before using.

Clean up After Yourself

You’ve only heard this from your mom countless times, “Always remember to clean up after yourself.” No one wants to pick up someone else’s mess. If you eat or cook a meal, clean it up as soon as you’re done.  

Be Considerate

Remember to be mindful of your roommates sleeping schedule. If you know your roommate has a big day tomorrow, don’t stay up all night partying with friends or blaring the TV.    

Pet Policy

If you have a pet, it is your responsibility. Not your roommates. Do not depend on them to feed or walk your dog. If your roommate is willing to help take care of your pet that’s fine but that does not make it their responsibility.   

Safety and Privacy

Remember that your safety is also your roommate’s safety. Make it a habit to lock all the doors before leaving, make sure the oven and stove are off, and to turn off lights that are not being used.   

Honesty is the Best Policy

When in doubt, talk it out. If an issue arises, don’t be afraid to talk about it. Communication is vital in any relationship, and you want to make sure you’re an honest communicator.  

Follow the Golden Rule

“Treat your Roommate as you would want them to Treat You.” Treat your roommate and their things with the respect you would want from them.   

Have Fun

Last but not least, have fun! Whether you are in college, graduated, or working remember to have fun with your roommate. You can watch movies together, play games, bake, and much more.   

If you need help finding the right apartment for you and your roommate(s), explore our website or give us a call (806) 793-3434.