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Whether you’re wanting a different aesthetic or just moved into your apartment, finding affordable art that’s also pleasing to the eye could be a challenge. Art completes a space; it puts life into a room.  

Picture walking into your friend’s apartment and seeing absolutely nothing hanging on the walls other than a TV, how uninteresting. This guide will be good use to you no matter if you’re shopping online or at a physical store.   

Shopping for affordable art locally

Most people in Lubbock tend to do most of their shopping online, but do not let that discourage you from looking around town. You can find most of what you are looking for! Just recently, this town has added the holy grail of all home décor shopping: HomeGoods. I would start here. HomeGoods is one of my favorite places to look for home design pieces and affordable art. What’s great about this specific retailer is that they have many different styles of art to buy, whether you’re into pictures of flowers or photo pictures with inspirational quotes to add to your gallery wall, they have it all and more.  

Another place that has a wider variety of art to look through is At Home. At Home has more generic staple pieces and necessities for space. Their artwork is usually at a grander scale and can be placed on a large wall. Do not go there if you are in a hurry and need something fast, because just sifting through their artwork could take some time. Both Homegoods and At Home are practical in both convenience and cost, and you will be sure to find something that will impress all your friends.  

Shopping for affordable art online

If shipping costs aren’t an issue, then buying online for art could be a fun, but tedious task. Depending on what style of art you are looking for, some websites can be pricey, especially places like Etsy where artists are selling their work. I would stay away from websites like that due to high prices and long wait times. Some places that I would investigate for buying affordable art would be well-known and trusted retailers or sites.

If you have a more of an eclectic style, then Tiny Showcase would be a fun place to look for quirky pieces. A good thing about them is that they have deals every Tuesday. Tiny Showcase releases limited-edition art to the market and lets the buyer choose which charity they want to give a percentage of their purchase to at checkout. After browsing their website, they have more than just artwork; they have stationary and posters as well. Most of their artwork is cheap and is in categories by year. Tiny Showcase’s goal is to make you feel good about buying art.

A website with a copious amount of art to choose from is Wayfair. This website offers all types of pieces no matter your style, they have anything from abstract, to a farmhouse, to coastal. On top of that, Wayfair even has color categories to narrow your search further. You will be able to find most of anything that you are looking for just by going to Wayfair.