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Best Places To Find Affordable Artwork For Any Style

Whether you’re wanting a different aesthetic or just moved into your apartment, finding affordable art that’s also pleasing to the eye could be a challenge. Art completes a space; it puts life into a room.  

Picture walking into your friend’s apartment and seeing absolutely nothing hanging on the walls other than a TV, how uninteresting. This guide will be good use to you no matter if you’re shopping online or at a physical store.   

Shopping for affordable art locally

Most people in Lubbock tend to do most of their shopping online, but do not let that discourage you from looking around town. You can find most of what you are looking for! Just recently, this town has added the holy grail of all home décor shopping: HomeGoods. I would start here. HomeGoods is one of my favorite places to look for home design pieces and affordable art. What’s great about this specific retailer is that they have many different styles of art to buy, whether you’re into pictures of flowers or photo pictures with inspirational quotes to add to your gallery wall, they have it all and more.  

Another place that has a wider variety of art to look through is At Home. At Home has more generic staple pieces and necessities for space. Their artwork is usually at a grander scale and can be placed on a large wall. Do not go there if you are in a hurry and need something fast, because just sifting through their artwork could take some time. Both Homegoods and At Home are practical in both convenience and cost, and you will be sure to find something that will impress all your friends.  

Shopping for affordable art online

If shipping costs aren’t an issue, then buying online for art could be a fun, but tedious task. Depending on what style of art you are looking for, some websites can be pricey, especially places like Etsy where artists are selling their work. I would stay away from websites like that due to high prices and long wait times. Some places that I would investigate for buying affordable art would be well-known and trusted retailers or sites.

If you have a more of an eclectic style, then Tiny Showcase would be a fun place to look for quirky pieces. A good thing about them is that they have deals every Tuesday. Tiny Showcase releases limited-edition art to the market and lets the buyer choose which charity they want to give a percentage of their purchase to at checkout. After browsing their website, they have more than just artwork; they have stationary and posters as well. Most of their artwork is cheap and is in categories by year. Tiny Showcase’s goal is to make you feel good about buying art.

A website with a copious amount of art to choose from is Wayfair. This website offers all types of pieces no matter your style, they have anything from abstract, to a farmhouse, to coastal. On top of that, Wayfair even has color categories to narrow your search further. You will be able to find most of anything that you are looking for just by going to Wayfair.  

Embracing A Green Thumb While Living In An Apartment

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t have plants or flowers; you must know how to take care of them while putting them in places that fit their needs. This guide will help you keep your plant friend’s alive, whether you’re low or high maintenance.

How much are you willing to take care of your plants?

How busy are you? Plants usually do not require maximum effort, nor do they take much time to grow. However, if you put in a little love for them, they will grow and make your apartment happy and inviting.  

Succulents, flowers, or both?

First, it is good to do some research on plants to know which are easy and which are difficult to kill. That way if you’re a beginner, you will be able to keep your plants alive while knowing how to care for them. If being a beginner describes you, then you should start with something easy, like a succulent or a type of cactus.  

If you are not a beginner and would like a more challenging gardening project, then I would tackle a miniature rose plant or a moth orchid.

Find a plant that shares your personality and matches the maintenance you are willing to give it.

Choosing the correct pot for your plant

Depending on which plants you choose, finding the right pot for your plant is vital in the health of it. If you want to go the easy route, succulents do not need a container that has holes at the bottom for draining, since these plants tend to prefer holding moisture. If you prefer a plant that produces flowers, a pot that has holes for draining is necessary. If you are worried about the potential mess, then you could make sure you don’t overwater it or put something underneath to keep dirt off the floor.  

You can find most pots or things that could be a substitute for a plant holder at most stores. For any plants that don’t require much water can be potted in practically anything, get creative!

Keeping up with your plants  

After going through all the hard stuff like research and finding the right pot, you always need to remember to water and take care of it properly. That might not be the case for a cactus or succulent, because those only need water about once a month, but for a plant that needs frequent watering, make sure to only water it when it needs it! Observe its habits and if it needs to be in the shade or the sun, act accordingly. Sometimes the plant can grow so large that it overgrows its pot, so if that happens, be sure to move it to a bigger home.

Growing plants in your apartment are no challenge, but by putting in some extra time and commitment, you can get just what you want out of embracing your green thumb.

Once you get into a rhythm, your plants will be sure to thank you by sprouting flowers, growing leaves and becoming too big for its pot.

Hosting A Galentine’s Party For You And Your Girls

For some, Valentine’s Day is a day full of spending time with that special someone and showing others how much you care. For others, Valentine’s Day could be a drag; it could be uneventful or just downright brutal. This year, maybe you could celebrate this holiday a little bit differently, by hosting your very own Galentine’s Day party for you and your girls. This short guide will be sure to offer the best pointers and tips for an active party.  

Tip #1: Sprucing up your apartment

When most people think of Valentine’s Day, they think of candy. So why not decorate with it?

Getting a bag of Valentine’s Day colored M&Ms or heart sprinkles to decorate clear vases with will be sure to excite your guests and get them into the Galentine’s Day spirit. You can start by getting a clear vase and putting a candle inside and filling it halfway with M&Ms, or your favorite colored Valentine’s Day candy.  

Another thing that is a must is a themed banner wall. Having this will encourage everyone to take pictures, and it is great for the aesthetic. If you have never made one before, start by getting red, pink, and white paper streamers and placing them one after the other on a blank wall. At the top of the streamers, you should put a banner with a fun slogan. It could either be, “Galentine’s Day,” or “XOXOXO.” You can find these at many local retailers like Walmart, Target, or Party City.

Tip #2: Sweet treats and drinks

You cannot have a Galentine’s Day party without sweets. They are essential.  

Anything from chocolate covered strawberries, extra fudgy brownies or red velvet cookies, will be sure to go well with any wine spritzer. Do not be afraid to get creative with this. You can use pretty, pink frosting and don’t forget to go crazy with the heart sprinkles!  

It would not be a proper Galentine’s Day party without wine. Having a designated place for a wine bar with different kinds of wine would be a fun way to cater to your guests. Not everyone likes red or white, but by having a few different blends available will make a great impression.

Tip #3: Give them something to take home  

This is almost the same as getting party favors when you were a child, but different, more adult.  

As the hostess, you could give various things as a memento of the fun night you and your squad had, like mini champagne bottles, Sugarfina mini gummy bears, or pink bath bombs. The more personal you make it, the more meaningful it will be. This part of the puzzle is essential since this holiday is about showing others how much you love them, and what better people to do that with than your favorite girls.

How To Decorate A Blank Wall

Whether you just moved in, or it is time to redecorate, decorating a blank space can be very overwhelming. Don’t be afraid! Take some deep breaths and get organized!

Determining your style  

Whether you’re boho chic or have a minimalistic feel, artwork and personal style can be linked together to better express you. These days, people are getting creative with their wall art, some take great lengths to express themselves.  

The first trick is to stick to a color palette; then from there, you will be able to narrow down your search for things that fall into that category.  

Once you figure out color, now you must decide on a theme for your environment. If you go for more of an eclectic vibe, then maybe you would have succulents wall mounts included in your gallery wall. If that isn’t your style, and you tend to go more for the girly things, then maybe have a series of pink and gold-framed pictures.  

Doing research could help you if you’re stuck. Researching popular trends that fall into your interests will provide you with examples of what other people have done to give you a better picture of what your style would be.  

Once you determine a color scheme and a style for your space, you should be ready to decorate!  


Placement is everything when decorating a space. Having your pictures and wall mounts all level and organized will make your guests feel visibly satisfied. If you decide on doing a gallery wall, pick pieces that will flow nicely together and keep them at an odd number – just a little interior design trick.  

Once you have everything you plan to use to spruce up your blank wall, you should first arrange everything on the floor to make sure you are happy with placement and style. After that, you should level and mark on the wall to show where the nails will go for your pieces. Then comes the more natural part, either hammer in the nails or use a drill on the exact place that you marked. When you’ve completed drilling and hanging, you should now be looking at all your new, stylish decorations that are on the wall.